4 Bone Hoop Skirt Wedding Slip Bridal Petticoat (CH140DS)

This bridal petticoat/slip has a 4 adjustable hoops. It also has a drawstring waist that matches as much as 34″ waist and is forty” in length.The bottom circumference is one hundred twenty inches.

Product Options

  • four Bone Hoop Civil Battle Slip


  1. I love this! I had to buy this petticoat at the last minute for a costume for my daughter after not being able to find one locally. I was very worried that it would be the wrong size or length since I couldn’t tell much from the picture. When it came, not only did it adjust to my daughter’s waist but I could also wear it with plenty of extra room. It is of good quality and doesn’t have any rough materials requiring another slip under it. It is also full enough for a civil war costume and heavy duty enough to handle the weight of a heavy dress without losing its shape. Due to the last minute nature of my order, I purchased this at noon on Wednesday and it arrived at 1pm on Thursday coming out of the box without bends or wrinkles. Don’t panic if you need it at the last minute, it will arrive and be ready for wearing. I would highly recommend this petticoat for a wedding or costume!

  2. Adjusted just right This was the first time I’ve ever bought a hoopskirt. So i didn’t know much about the diameters/measurements & such. So I was taking a stab in the dark, but this turned out really nice.Loved it being adjustable hooped & loved the drawstring waist as I’m so tiny. It did take awhile to get it all adjusted for the dress I was wearing, but everyone complemented it.So great buy!

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