3 thoughts on “California Costumes Women’s Ruffled Pettiskirt,Black,Large/X-Large

  1. Exactly what I was looking for The material quality reminds me of Halloween costumes, but it’s sewn well enough to stand up to lots of wear if taken care of. The top portion is a stretch fabric with a satin shine, sewn to a tulle skirt with modest ruffles along the hem of 2 layers of tulle.It adds a small amount of volume, and ends about mid-thigh so there are no frills peeking from the bottom of my knee-length skirts. (My perception: It seemed a little shorter on me than on the model in the picture. Keep that in mind if you have an exceptionally large rear because it will no doubt cause a more dramatic shortening of the skirt length)The Large/Extra large fits comfortably/snugly for size 14/16. While the material has more stretch in it, the threads do not so I don’t expect it to fit any women size 18 or larger without popping seams.

  2. Good only for costumes If you need this petticoat for a costume, then this is the product for you.If you need this petticoat to fill out a dress, dont bother. I noticed that crinoline petticoats ran in the $40-$70 range, but thought this would do the same job for much less. It ends up looking pretty bad beneath a dress (not smooth at all), so I ended up not wearing it after all.However, the product was great for the price, and I may still wear it with a costume, however the fabric seems a bit itchy.

  3. Fantastic for halloween costumes! Very good pettiskirt! i bought this because i ordered a zombie alice halloween costume and it was just too short to wear without anything underneath. i bought this and it made it poof out very nicely and added a decent length. The pettiskirt itself finishes around mid thigh. This pettiskirt is great for costumes! Not too sure about fluffing up anything else but i absolutely love it.I didnt think it would add much volume but it did! Its a very good buy,especially for the price. I recommend

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