1. Petticoat I purchased this petticoat to wear out as part of a mardi gras costume. It was a lot of fun to wear and I was very glad to have found one that had a layer of cloth on the inside that helped cover as a skirt as most petticoats I’ve come across are basically sheer. It was a little itchy but if leggings/tights are worn it’s not a bother. I am a size 2 and this was a little bigger than I wanted but it still fit very well. Great price for such a good product.

  2. Happy with this purchase! I’m really happy with the poofyness of this petticoat and how it fits. I am a size 2 in pants and it fits well, not loose at all. I am 5 foot 5 inches and it comes down to the middle of my thigh. It has three layers of fulff and a liner on the inside so that you don’t have to sit on the scratchy material. I think it is great for the price I paid. It also arrived 1 day early!

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