Girls&Secrets Tailored handmade lolita dress and wig aristocracy roses and red series

Lolita can be interpreted as Sweet Love Lolita, meaning that cute dolls, dolls like classical European same. Lolita dress is a style of clothing, Lolita style and fashion is a subculture from Japan. This dress style inspired by the Victorian girls’ clothing, and fine clothing Rococo periods, as well as gothic, punk subculture influence the formation.

Product Features

  • We will send email to confirm the size once you place the order because this is Tailored Clothings. If we don’t receive any respond more than one day, we will process the order according to invoice.
  • Additionally, all tailored clothings orders cannot be cancelled once has been checked out completely. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • We are handmade, so it normally takes 5-15 days production.
  • If you do not like this lolita series, we shop there are other series lolita dress.

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