Parolari Emilio Pucci High Waist Women’s Sheath Dress Made in Japan Made to Order

Fabric description: Fabric #:9301-24 Color:Pink. Season:All Season. Brand:DOLCELABY、Macolina. Description: High quality firm and tensible 100% cotton fabric imported from Milan. Bold colorful pattern available only at PAROLARI EMILIO PUCCI. About Parolari Emilio: Parolari Emilio studied textile design under Emilio Pucci and established his own brand called PAROLARI EMILIO PUCCI. Some of popular fabric patterns that creates PAROLARI EMILIO are rare and impossible to get even from EMILIO PUCCI which makes it even more valuable and special. PAROLARI EMILIO PUCCI fabrics are available only at limited shops in Japan. We Start Creating Your Dress Right After We Receive Your Cleared Payment. We Adjust Dress Length and Sleeve Length for Free. Please Specify Your Desirable Measurements by Email. If You Wish to Customize it to Your Size, Please Specify Measurements by Email. If You are not Sure about Your Measurements, You can Just Send Your Favorite Dress, Similar to this Style. Your Dress will be ready for shipment within 1 weeks. Try Your Simple and Easy Fitting Experience Online, Today!

Product Features

  • All our outfits are made to order. Manufactured by CHARALIST the Popular Dressmaker in Japan
  • Italian high quality 100% cotton
  • Great Limited Time Offer Ending Very Soon!
  • Please pay attention that If you don’t send us your specifical measurments , we will make this dress as our SIZE CHART.
  • Free Adjustment of Dress length and Sleeve length. Specify Your Desirable Measurements By Email

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