Petticoats: Short And Sweet (Black;Medium/Large)

Brief and sweet, these petticoats praise any costume or are horny enough to put on on their very own. Add a slightly of female model to your dresser with ‘s horny petticoats!.

Product Features

  • Whip cream Tulle


  1. Thinner and smaller than expected, but you get what you pay for. I bought this to go under a costume dress and it was a lot smaller than I expected. I would call it a junior’s size 2 or a women’s size 0 in the US. It was also so short you couldn’t even tell I was wearing it under the costume so it was basically useless. If you want to wear it as something sexy for behind closed doors that would work, but as a petticoat to make a skirt have more volume and a peek-a-boo of cute ruffle fringe than get a different one, this one is to short, tight and thin to make a difference.

  2. A good bit of poof good for party costumes and bedroom dress-up. elastic tends to roll, skirt adds a good bit of poof to an outfit but it’s quite short so make sure whatever you wear over it won’t hang down past the edges. too transparent to wear alone but the fabric is pretty soft and it’s a decent product for the money. delivered in a timely fashion.

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