Vanity Fair Women’s My Favorite Pants Illumination String Bikini, Midnight Black, Size 7


Product Features

  • 95% Strata Nylon, 5% Lycra, Gusset: 100% Cotton
  • Elegant string bikini design
  • Smooth fabric for a flawless appearance
  • Machine Wash Warm, Dark Colors Separately, No Bleach, Tumble Dry Low Heat, No Iron


  1. Cheryl R. Feinberg “chermark”
    December 10, 2012 - 11:46 pm

    Best Panties Ever! I just love these panties. For women of a certain age that did not grow up with thongs, but don’t want granny panties either, these are just perfect. They cling where they should but don’t bind. They are becoming without looking like a stripper, and they feel wonderful! Try them and see if you agree.

  2. Super comfy… I was looking for underwear that I could wear under my leotard for dance class that were cut high enough not to stick out at the bottom and also thin enough not to show through, but that also wouldn’t either fall down or ride up like most underwear seem to. I tried a few different brands/styles, and these were by far the most comfortable. And I’m pretty picky – this is only the third style of underwear I’ve found in about 5 years that I actually like (and I’m only 22, so that’s basically my entire adult life…). I just got them in the mail today, but as soon as I tried them on, I came right back on here to buy a few more pairs.They also look nice, and unlike either of the other brands of underwear I wear, these don’t have any cartoon characters on them, which could be useful just in case anyone besides my mom or my sister ever sees them. They’re neither childish nor granny-ish, which is hard to find in anything that’s not a thong (or just horribly uncomfortable). Plus the ‘ballet pink’ even matches my dance tights 🙂

  3. Perfect as a swimsuit bikini bottom, really! Hot for underwear though. The look is fantastic and sexy and the fit just GREAT no creeping up your butt even on full round butts also true to size if not slightly generous and all those colors, yes, I have them all. That said, they are Hot Hot Hot in the summer. The crotch is cotton but the rest is not so you do feel sweaty after a short time if you work outside in hot climates. Too bad they can’t make them in all cotton, they fit similar to the all cotton “Delicates” brand that Penny’s discontinued, I’m still crying over that! These are still the best I’ve found for comfortable fit and you can find them on sale for 6 or 7 dollars a pair. I love them but I’m still looking for the cotton version of these, hope Vanity Fair is listening! Oh and you’ll love this…………….BEST PART:Here is the best thing about these, The fit is so great you can wear it as a bikini swim suit bottom, REALLY! I can’t find a descent fitting bikini bottom anywhere so I wear these in Black or a color and just buy inexpensive 5 or 6 dollar triangle bikini tops on ebay to match, PERFECT! What a great bikini swimsuit alternative and a cheap one at that. No more bad fitting bikini crisis! Nobody will know you are walking around in public in your underwear, kind of fun too! Why can’t anyone make a swimsuit that fits like this? Then again they would charge you 90.00 for the same thing while these work just fine, try it!

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