Jessica Simpson Being Extra AF & Oversinging

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Breanna Maddox says:

I don't think she sounds that bad? She sings well

David C says:

OMMFFFG the guy at 2:53 im DEADDDDDD

Francisco Ailo Quilicot Bajao says:

She had bad performances as well as great performances. Come on people, like us, she had bad days too. Some of the clips were actually very impressive
3:10 was great

Rajendra Starks says:

Christina Aguilera- Vocal agility × Mayonnaise ÷ Soul + Flat hot dog water = Jessica Simpson 😂

Malachi Murphy says:

She sounds good when she’s not exaggerating. She doesn’t have control though. Nor a signature sound.

Mark Layton says:

Make it stop

Julian Greene says:

I wish she's stop trying to be mariah. And who TF is her vocal coach cuz they suck!

Inner Descent says:

She ruined Nancy Sinatra's song and I'll never let her live that down, not to mention the cringey af acting she tried with the dukes of hazzard

Katherine Ujhazy says:

She unhinges her jaw like a snake. She's putting so much effort into singing when it's obviously just not working

fun vlogs sissy says:

so many hatee on here dam can u let the women sing shit she can sing let her be damm……shes awsome fuck the hate ..she still got it and she shined her own star ..nobody can take that away she did what she loved to do…quit comparing thats what wrong wit people is nobody can be they self without always tryna compare somebody to one another everybody is they own person

andi permata says:


Janine Divine says:

She has a great voice why compare her with anyone? She’s unique in her own unique way!

Ron Miller says:

Exceptional breath control/sustaining abilities, but poor vocal placement smh. The voice is literally trapped wanting to get out LOL!

dierto says:

Really really Bad technic. Ewww

Lovemi Cats says:

Her singing voice suks
Her voice talking is sluggish & thuggish
She's not prettier with make-up
She's advantage looking. Money has made her that's it. Umm yuk i say😷😝
Notice her videos don't show her lips blown up

Ylenia D. says:

Honestly these were great clips lol. She sings very difficult songs too

oaisab twenyfour says:

she’s amazing.

angiesvlog says:

Ya’ll haters lol she sounds good and she has passion😊

Gilmour11 says:

Shame Shame Shame on her parents for never telling her she to dial it back. Huge disservice to her as a singer and as a performer. These kinds of bad habits can permanently damage vocal chords and should have been addressed very early on. Didn’t they EVER review her performances? Every singer in the world should study their performances consistently to see what the audience is seeing and hearing. It’s the only way to improve.

ben arthur says:

She not singing with her heart out thats why she never got the same level as Britney & Christina!!! Pity for her

Izzy Bleu says:

I dont kno why they drag her because her fuking voccals are killer!!! I would never expect her to do any less..

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